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        True Craftsmen

        We believe in being true craftsmen, taking pride in the quality and design of our work. We use our creative passions to make each project a beautiful outcome that we and our customers can be proud of. We value each job we work on and are committed to providing dependable service, ongoing communication, and appreciation for each and every customer. We are Red Door Construction, a residential and commercial construction company located in Albert Lea, MN. 

        Happy Clients

        I couldn’t be happier with the work Red Door Construction has done for us! Jeremy cares about his work and does only the best no matter how big the project or how small. Couldn’t leave out Brooke and Casey either. The design knowledge and detailed work they do is extraordinary! Thank you from a very satisfied customer! Highly recommended!!!
        — Barb Olsen
        The team was great to work with. Extremely professional, great communication, and on budget! Thank you!!!
        — Brian Hensley
        We were so pleased with Jeremy’s work in our office! He was very respectful of our work timeframe and of our property. He left a very well kept job site. Brooke is a great addition with her design and color talent! We look forward to using them again!
        — Dr. Craig Hoffman
        Jeremy and Brooke are so creative in their designs, one of the favorite things the team did was turn our dingy old coat closet into a nice entry way bench with coat hook and storage compartments. They are so easy to work with and very reliable, I would recommend them to anyone.
        — Andrew Irvine
        Jeremy and Brooke are fantastic to work with! They listened to our ideas, came up with a beautiful design, and turned it into a reality. The work was done timely and within the budget we set. I definitely recommend Red Door Construction and will have them to do more work in the future!
        — Brady Gooden

        SEE OUR WORK

        The Crew


        Good people are an unstoppable force and we have some of the best.  Our carpenters have a wealth of knowledge and skill with over 65 years combined experience in residential and commercial construction. Their eye for detail and passion for woodworking and the carpentry trade make them true craftsmen. They work hard everyday to bring our client's visions to life. To say we'd be in a world of hurt without these guys would be an understatement!




        Jeremy and Brooke co-founded Red Door Construction with the purpose of combining Jeremy's carpentry skills with Brooke's passion for design to make a living doing what they love. They dreamed of owning their own construction business for years, and in 2015 they took a leap of faith and made their dreams a reality. 

        Jeremy has been a carpenter for 15 years and also spent five of those years as an estimator for a commercial building company. He now spends his days as the Lead Contractor for Red Door. 

        Brooke had spent 13 years as a graphic designer when she decided to use her design skills and creativity to pursue her love for interior design. She now spends her days as the Design Lead for Red Door. 

        They named the business after their own red front door. It couldn't be more fitting, as they've put so much love and passion into making their 1930's tudor style house a home. 

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